A Romance With the West

A Romance With the West, just like us ladies, every region in America has that certain something that makes it uniquely beautiful. I think the French call it je ne sais quoi, but here in the South(west) we just say, “Be your own kind of beautiful.” Here in New Mexico the things that make us imperfect are exactly the same things that make us irresistible.

The American West, which inspires all of our unique, handcrafted jewelry that we make right here in New Mexico, USA, embodies a wild romanticism of the best order. Everyone knows there is an allure to trying to catch what can’t be caught, and the West is a perfect example of that untamable prize – from its landscape to its cultures, freedom and independence rein supreme here. The people that inhabit this wild, dusty corner of the planet know that there is no price on freedom and are living examples of this conviction, and a beautiful thing to behold. There is nothing as romantic as the feeling of freedom, of space, and the ability to imagine any life you desire in the empty space of a horizon. After all, these wide-open spaces are the canvas upon which the American Dream is painted.

There’s a bit of old cowboy wisdom I grew up on that goes, “Wide open spaces are good for the heart.” It wasn’t until I grew up a little, moved off the ranch, visited a few big cities and one or two far away lands that I really understood what that meant. When I’m home I am warmed by the sun and caressed by the cool soft sand of an arroyo bed after a gentle rain. I can whisper my hopes and fears to the birds and know they have the room to fly high with my prayers. I can build when there is something to be created, and rebuild what has been broken. I can drive a deserted road or ride a lonesome pasture and find the song that is sung within a long silence, come to know myself against a setting sun, and hear the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Rugged yet soft, colorful though quiet, steeped in faith but just a little dangerous, the West is the perfect lover. During this season of amor, we invite you to have a love affair with the Romance of the West.


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