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Vintage Classics

  From mid-century modern furniture to winged eye liner, almost everywhere you look these days you will see #ThrowbackThursday-worthy styles making their way back into the mainstream. One reason for the reappearance of classic looks is that Vintage has a quality that transcends time, keeping certain styles from ever loosing their appeal. In the spirit of […]

New Mexico Wine is Bottled History

Wine. The Mesopotamians discovered it, Dionysus was the God of it, the apostles drank it, Emmylou Harris crooned it, “Casablanca” immortalized it, and Petronius called it “life.” And, in 1629, a Franciscan and a Capuchin monk traveling with Onate to New Mexico defied Spanish law and planted the first “mission grapes” in a Piro pueblo […]

Introducing Our Newest Collection…

Spend your holiday weekend with American West Jewelry and QVC! We’re celebrating the Fourth of July and our most exciting event of the year with five shows and over 30 genuine, bold and colorful new arrivals! Carolyn will be your guide to the American West, bringing you more romance, more stories, more style, and more […]

New Mexico Native American Tribal Feast Days

Native American feast days are a time for tribal members to join together and celebrate their culture, religion, and language.  Experiencing a feast day in New Mexico is truly a one of a kind experience. The diverse and vibrant Native American living culture continues to thrive while uplifting and honoring the traditions of its ancestors. With […]

A Visit to Tres Hermanos Dairy Farm

You all know Lisa as our incredible customer service representative and social media guru! We’d like to introduce you to her friend Roxan Sanchez and family. Lisa and Roxan have known each other for over 20 years! Roxan is a true cowgirl mom. She lives and works with her husband on the farm while raising […]

New Mexico: Red or Green?

Here in New Mexico, we’re famous for putting chile on everything. Most restaurants stock “red or green” even for non-traditional New Mexican dishes; burgers, eggs, hot dogs, you name it, we put chile on it. And if you want both, the more the merrier. You can order “Christmas” style at any given restaurant without a […]


It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year- in Albuquerque! Every October, Albuquerque hosts the largest hot air balloon fiesta in the world. Hundreds of balloons grace the sky, like bursts of color scattered on a canvas of blue. It’s a beautiful sight and one of our favorite fall traditions! Celebrate our most colorful […]