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Charmed by Santa Fe’s Muse

For generations, Santa Fe, New Mexico, has inspired and moved people’s spirits in all aspects of creation. English writer D.H. Lawrence and his wife Frieda came to New Mexico in the early ‘20s upon an invitation from wealthy arts patron Mabel Dodge Lujan. Of his time here he sums up this enchanted place far better […]

A Visit to Silva’s Saloon

    Welcome to Silva’s Saloon, located in Bernalillo, NM, along the original Rt. 66, and the location of this month’s photo-shoot. The Spanish conquistador Don Diego de Vargas officially founded Bernalillo in 1695, but as a Spanish settlement near the Sandia Indian Pueblo it had been inhabited prior to that. In the 1620s, Franciscans […]

Once in a Blue Moon We Get A Little Loony

We’re howling at the moon and singing out of tune! This month’s super blue blood moon and total lunar eclipse has us feeling a little, well, loony. And that’s ok, because we’ve decided that all this moon talk is the perfect excuse to layer on our favorite Luna pieces, head to our top moon viewing spot and make all the lunar puns we […]