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Storyteller Tricia English is #AWYou

One of the many things New Mexico is rich in, is story. From ancient legends and creation stories, to pioneering westerns, to the unexpected ins and outs of modern daily life, behind every sage brush is a story waiting to be told and heard. Santa Fe-based UNUM Magazine creatrix and Editor-in-Chief Tricia English is on […]

Our Earth Spirit is Luxury, the Ethical Way

From our recycled metals, to our nature-inspired designs, to the gem stones that the earth blesses us with, to the living wages we provide our team – at American West Jewelry we pride ourselves on giving our collectors next-to-nature, ethical luxury they can believe in. We know that the women who collect our jewelry are […]

Ceinwen Carrejo is #AWYou

Meet New Mexico artist Ceinwen Carrejo, owner of The Fiber Room, and our June #AWYou featured artist. #AWYou is our latest project in which we find New Mexicans whom we feel embrace and represent the spirit of American West Jewelry. From her love of history and nature to her free spirit, when we met Ceinwen […]

Summer Along the Turquoise Trail: Pt. 1

Summer means road trip time! New Mexico is a gold mine of destination day-trips and one of our favorites happens to be the Turquoise Trail between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Named for one of our favorite things in the world, the Turquoise Trail got its name for the rich turquoise deposits that were found and […]

Motherhood: Our Most Precious Story 

Jewelry shared between women creates a special, unwritten story. This Mother’s Day, we invite you to add to you and your mother’s own unique tale with a surprise that will carry with it a lifetime of meaning. Mothers are women that are girls at heart, in love with pretty, sparkly things as much now as […]

Recycling in Always in Style: Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Here in New Mexico we draw so much inspiration from the landscape and have such a deep connection to and love for the land that this day always holds a special place in our hearts. We have a large variety of natural resources here that we feel a partial responsibility to protect. Whether it be […]