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AWJ Newsletter #1 from Laura about Carolyn’s shows on QVC!

Dear Collectors, We are so happy that you enjoyed Carolyn’s shows on QVC in the studio for May! Your comments on Facebook & Instagram have been over-the-top positive, thank you. It’s a BIG DEAL! The really Big Deal on QVC kicked things off and wow did you love the colorful Leather and Gems! Only the […]

Join us on our next journey, an announcement from Carolyn & Bill

Join us on our next journey, an announcement from Carolyn & Bill Dear Collectors, We have good news to share about the bright future of American West Jewelry! We are so honored to have your love and support over the many years. We have enjoyed every minute of it. Time has come for us to […]

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Women's History Month on American West Jewelry by Carolyn Pollack

To celebrate Women’s History Month you are in the right state. New Mexico proudly and rightfully claims the oldest recorded history in what is now the United States. Indigenous peoples flourished here for centuries before the arrival of Spanish explorers and, much later, Anglo settlers. All have contributed from their cultures—women and men equally—to create the […]

Meet Laura, Your Personal Shopper Stylist


Howdy Collectors,   My love of the Southwest starts with living in Texas, and all things Longhorns & Rodeos! Next are the memories made on a family trip. We visited the Four Corners, the Royal Gorge and Mesa Verde to name a few. I fell in love with all things Southwest, especially the Turquoise jewelry! […]

Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry

American West Turquoise Jewelry Blog Turquoise the Sky Stone

Real Southwestern turquoise jewelry has long been considered a sacred stone used by indigenous peoples in the Americas to bless newborn babies, protect warriors in battles, and connect the people to the sky and rain gods. It is believed to bring good fortune and a healthful life. Turquoise has been in treasured for over 3,000 […]

Art Jewelry in Southwest culture

Why is Art so important to our Southwest Culture? Indian Market

Art Jewelry connects people from all over the world  Collectors of Art Jewelry, Native American jewelry, Folk Art jewelry or jewelry inspired by the crafts, culture and religion of the Spanish community. Heirloom, vintage jewelry lives on through generations, each collector expressing their individual passion for authentic, genuine wearable art. Artists of the Southwest continue this […]

Squash Blossom and Naja Necklaces ~ Legendary Southwestern Jewels

Squash Blossom and Naja Necklaces ~ Legendary Southwestern Jewels I have always been a passionate collector of jewelry, especially pieces that have cultural significance. I have been fortunate to visit many corners of our country and I’m intrigued by the important way regional history, culture and lifestyle continue to influence distinctly unique art forms. Nowhere […]

Guide to Classic Southwestern Native Pearls

Classic Southwestern Native Pearls~ Your Ultimate Jewelry Go-To! In my library, I have a collection of books about Southwest jewelry and I know from so many of your questions and comments that you share my passion for learning about jewelry. That’s why I’m excited to share our new blog series with you. We will explore […]

Let’s Go to Tinkertown

Lets go to Tinkertown

Welcome to my blog series “My Life Along the Turquoise Trail” The Tinkertown Museum on the Turquoise Trail. Bill and I are fortunate to call this romantic, nostalgic, beautiful and whimsical area our home. Although only a 20-minute drive from Albuquerque, this stretch of highway never fails to transport me, to make me smile, to […]

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