American West Jewelry by Carolyn Pollack: Carolyn Pollack Jewelry & American West Jewelry are brands that manufacture detailed designs with pure sterling silver and semi-precious stones. All jewelry is made in the United States at our Albuquerque, New Mexico production facility. Both Carolyn Pollack and American West are owned by the Relios, Inc. Carolyn Pollack and American West are purchased through different sites, & Carolyn Pollack, the head jewelry designer at Relios, has popularized both brands through her presentations on QVC and other shopping channels.

Program Overview:

  • Commission Rate: 4%; 6% For High Value Items via Item Based Commissioning
  • Performance Incentives: For every $6,000 in revenue generated each month, we will increase your commission rate by 1% for that given month.*
  • Referral Cookie Duration: 45 Days
  • Datafeed Availability: Google Shopping Feed
  • Target Demographic: Self purchasing, educated women aged 40 & older.

Demographics: Carolyn Pollack and American West shared traits:

  • Women aged 40 & older
  • Educated and independent purchasers
  • Collectors appreciate both brands for having high quality American construction, and fashionability.

Carolyn Pollack Jewelry Demographics:

  • Collectors of this brand appreciate Carolyn’s presence within the brand
  • They are fans of both the jewelry and Carolyn herself
  • Tend to be 40+

American West Jewelry Demographics:

  • Collectors of this brand appreciate the brand’s connection with the unique culture of the Southwest
  • They appreciate the design aesthetic of Southwestern jewelry
  • Tend to be 30+; Marginally younger demographic


  • Over 1000 different product listings between both brands
  • Products range from $20 to $1,300 with an average order value of $148
  • Google Shopping Product Feed


  • We are busiest from Thanksgiving to Valentines Day, with the largest bump in sales during Christmas.
  • Sales during Spring and Summer are steady with bumps from holiday promotions such as Labor Day.


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  • We regularly update our link profile with offers and sales

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